About our company

Baltic Metal Construction OÜ is a company established on the basis of the old Tallinn Machine Factory (TMT). Thanks to its many years of experience and modernization of production capacities and technologies, the activity of the company is oriented towards new, modern and professional operations.

Our company specializes in the manufacture of high-tech and highly competitive products as well as implementation of integrated solutions of varying degrees, which include:
  • Manufacture of a complete range of industry-purpose products:
    - for oil and gas processing plants;
    - for the petrochemical industry;
    - for the mining industry;
    - for the pulp and paper industry;
    - for the energy industry;
    - for the fertilizer industry;
  • heat exchange equipment and their assemble parts;
  • manufacture of reservoirs and containers for different uses;
  • manufacture of manifolds and tube assemblies for pumping stations with an operating pressure of up to 320 atm;
  • different conveyor systems, mechanism assemblies and aggregates both in individual products and by series;
  • installation and repair work in the customers' construction sites;
  • installation supervision and technical audit of the objects in the field