At our disposal is modern equipment, experienced engineers and well-trained workers, as well as a network of sub-contracting organizations for performing the following tasks:
  • design;
  • manufacture
    - preparatory division;
    - assembly and welding division;
    - mechanical division;
    - assembly and packaging division;
    - painting division;
  • heat treatment;
  • corrosion protection of structures using materials that ensure their stability for 15 to 20 years or longer and in the climate zones U 1 and UHL 1;
  • hot dip galvanizing of structures;
  • laboratory services with the test division (DT and NDT);
  • supply of the assembly parts (industrial fans, electric motors, finned tubes, pneumatic and electric drives, temperature and vibration sensors, frequency converters, etc.);
  • installation works (electrical and outfitting);
  • transport services throughout the world (transport of standard size as well as oversized loads).

We perform works by the technical task of the customer, as well as by the customer's drawings. Our responsibility is to solve problems from drawing up construction documentation all the way to delivery of the finished products to the customer.