Painting division

The total area of the division is more than 1000 square meters.

Cleaning from the rough, rust and old paint takes place in a shot blasting chamber with dimensions of 6 x 6 x 15 m, using scrap steel G40, which gives the best result in terms of the surface cleanliness and roughness. Surface roughness is tested according to the standard ISO 8503-2, the cleanliness level 2.5-3 according to the international standard ISO 8501-1:2007. Continuous checking of climatic conditions and wet and dry paint film thickness ensures high quality. Major paint schemes: alkyd and epoxy paints with polyurethane- or polysiloxane coating. Corrosion protection duration is up to 15 years or longer, according to standard ISO 12944-5.

Cleaning and painting is done only in warm conditions. The temperature of the shop floor never drops below +10° С, which ensures the correct and predictable polymerization of protective coatings.

Dry film thickness is tested according to the standard ISO 2808 requirements.

Depending on the project, surfaces will be covered with various anti-corrosion agents. Their main suppliers are International, Jotun, Hempel, Teknos, Tikkurila, Carboline et al.

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